Hindu Bollywood Actress Mamta Kulkarni accepted Islam, and took the residence to Kenya

Nairobi: Mamta Kulkarni Bollywood actress revealed that she is about to Islam in those days in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, New Goswami lived with her ​​husband and the actress accepted to work in Indian films and dance has rejected the offer.
Are told that Vicky Goswami in 1997 in UAE drug case in Dubai 25 years in prison, but the prison during Islam Arab Emirates Government sentence reduction, and 15 in November 2012 released been. 52-year prison Vicky Goswami friend during Mamta Kulkarni handled the hotel business in Kenya, but after marrying Wiki gusuany Mamta Kulkarni on 15 May 2013 were Muslim.
Note on the cover of the magazine in 1993 a stardust naked picture of Mamta Kulkarni was the controversial actress to hide. She also worked in Bollywood films, including the very successful ‘Wandering Lover’, ‘time’ is ours’, ‘Kranti Veer’, ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘greatest player’ ‘dissemination’ and ‘China Gate’ included. Mamta Kulkarni Bollywood 11 years after the rule had left the showbiz world.

Fake Scandals in the History of Showbiz Industry Pakistani Actors, Actresses and Cricket Players

Pakistan showbiz Industry is not a Very established industry in the worlds but there are so many scandals in this industry. But most of them are fake scandals. And i try to find out the fake scandals by searching Google and other Social contacts.
Links of all scandals are given below
1Fake Scandal of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with Pakistani actress Falak
2. Fake Scandal of Famous Pakistani Cricketer Abdul Razzaq with Indian Drama Star Tamanna Bhatia
3. Fake Scandal of Saba Qamar with Film star Hamza
4. Fake Scandal of Neelam Muneer with Numan Habib
5.Fake Scandal of Humayun Saeed with Actress Ushna Shah 

Fake Scandal of Famous Pakistani Cricketer Abdul Razzaq with Indian Drama Star Tamanna Bhatia

Abdul Razzaq was in a Jewelry Shop in Dubai where he met with this Indian star Tamanna Bhatia where she also shopping for her. Someone captured this picture and put it on the social media and this scandal become fame. But after it Abdul Razzaq cleared it in press conference that its just a random pic nothing else.

Tips for Boys to Propose Shy Girls ( understand the problem ) ~ Tip No 5 ~ ShowbizMag Lifestyle

Understand the problem
It’s not necessarily that you want, wherever you want it. Maybe with you and you actually like it more than anyone else. So, can feel some changes in his behavior. Maybe, they give you less Respect. So should you get out of a relationship.
And finally, do not forget the fact that you have to enjoy it dating. You have to get out of your Nrwsnes and Confusion. One of your relationship – a detail overs – Do not Analyze. Who is going to run. Just keep in mind that you will not miss a Good Time with your partner.

Tips for Boys to Propose Shy Girls ( Do Not Rush ) ~ Tip No 4 ~ ShowbizMag Lifestyle

Do Not Rush
Relationship is not right to rush into early stage. So Keep Patience. Not benefit from haste.Whatever you speak, comfortable and the right opportunity. This would increase respect for you in the mind of the girl. Even if you can not accept it then you have no need of falling behind, no matter how beautiful it may be. Find someone else.

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